About CES

With over 30 years in the compressed air systems industry, Compressor Energy Services specializes in optimizing the efficiency of the supply and demand side of compressed air systems in large industrial facilities.

We provide turnkey design and implementation services, and guarantee energy savings that result in a typical return on investment of 65%, resulting in simple paybacks of less than 2 years.

CES maintains a longstanding commitment to offering unique professional solutions that match customers’ specific needs with utility requirements. Our vision is to instill in client relationships the values, purpose, and resources inherent to a family-owned company with broad reach and an exceptional reputation.

Our Values

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    At Compressor Energy Services, our job isn’t done until we have achieved projected savings and have a satisfied customer. Maintenance, facility, and executive staff are our best marketing tool as they keep asking us to come back!

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    Core Process

    The #1 priority for industrial facilities is their productivity and throughput. CES takes pride in seamlessly integrating our compressed air solutions with the core process.

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    We look at compressed air solutions through a number of different lenses. System efficiency, inappropriate end uses of compressed air, heat recovery, and core process optimization are just a handful of those lenses.

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    Trusted Savings

    Our customized remote monitoring system enables us to monitor power, pressure, and flow to accurately predict how much energy and money we save our customers. We even guarantee the savings.



We have received the following awards from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) New England chapter:

  • 2018: AEE Energy Innovator of the Year for Region 1 (CT, DE, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT)
  • 2015: Comprehensive Energy Project of the Year – Smutty Nose Brewing Co.
  • 2014: Best Compressed Air Energy Project in New England – Smiths Medical North America
  • 2014: Best Corporate Energy Program in New England – EMD Millipore Corporation
  • 2013: Best Performance Contracting Project – P&G Gillette
  • 2013: Best Compressed Air Energy Project – Analog Devices
  • 2012: Outstanding Energy Project New Construction – Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  • 2012: Outstanding Energy Project Production Facility – Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta & Sauces
  • 2011: Best Corporate Energy Program – EMD Millipore Corp.
  • 2011: Best Compressed Air Energy Project – Smiths Medical North America
  • 2010: General Electric – Best Compressed Air Energy Project
  • 2010: Millipore – Best Customer Driven Air Energy Project
  • 2008: Anheuser Busch – Best Energy Project in New Hampshire in partnership with Environmental Systems Corporation