Our Team

Jeffrey Wright

President & CEO

Jeff started Compressor Energy Services in 2002. His dynamic management style, coupled with 30 years of experience and pioneering energy solutions for compressed air systems, make him one of the nation’s top compressor professionals. He continually develops leading compressor technologies and services to support customers by driving down energy costs and reducing demand while increasing efficiencies.


Jeff is a second-generation compressor expert whose passion for exceeding his customers’ expectations has been instilled throughout the company’s culture. He holds a BA in International Studies from the School of International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Sherise Wright

Vice President

Sherise is a versatile professional who works closely with the Compressor Energy Services management team to ensure that office functionality remains focused on employees and customers. She is responsible for various marketing programs and an ever-evolving sustainability program. She has held previous positions within CES as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.


Sherise’s excellent organizational and administrative skills allow her to mentor, advise, and direct employees on the company’s process and procedures, achieving strong stakeholder satisfaction. She holds a BA in Speech Communication from California State University at Long Beach.

Devon Wright

Corporate Analyst

Devon was born into the compressed air business, as a third-generation contributor to Compressor Energy Services. He focuses on the identification, design, and implementation of compressed air efficiency projects. In his 10 years as Compressed Air Specialist, Devon has worked with a wide array of manufacturers and facilities, installing anything from small oil-free high-pressure systems to multi-thousand horsepower heavy industrial systems. With a unique depth of knowledge across varying compressor manufacturers’ offerings, Devon excels at selecting and designing solutions for maximum efficiency.  


When Devon is not on the road or in a facility, you will find him on his hobby farm or in the mountains as a competitive telemark skier. 

Janice Woodbury


Janice has 20+ years of experience in accounting and reporting systems, business process improvement, managing cash flow, operations management, manufacturing cost analysis, internal controls development, payroll processing, and talent management. 


Prior to joining the Compressor Energy Services team as Controller, she was responsible for the financial accounting and reporting of a client’s special purpose vehicle (LLC), established to manage a $700-million environmental remediation project. 


Janice’s experience includes seven years as a corporate controller and human resources manager for a 120-employee manufacturer of thin film. 

Scott Mills

Field Services Manager

Scott began working with Compressor Energy Services in 2010, performing compressed air assessments mainly in manufacturing and industrial facilities. As Field Services Manager, he has 8+ years of compressed air solution experience, auditing and developing analytics for hundreds of facilities. 


His depth of knowledge includes compressed air systems’ processes and controls, and their effects on system energy efficiency and air quality. Scott’s dedication to CES includes planning, oversight, and physical installation of compressed air metering systems. He also manages the transition of data to engineering and sales, garnered by facility assessments. These assessments include leak detection and identification of idle plant demand, pressure, dew point, point-of-use demand measurements, air quality testing, and system flow diagrams.

Craig Lang

Millwright / Project Specialist

Craig has worked for over 30 years in various manufacturing facilities. He is a hands-on professional, highly skilled in equipment maintenance and project management. He joins CES with an extensive knowledge of compressed air systems, process heaters (oil and water), and material dryers. He is an expert at identifying cost savings opportunities and process improvements that lead to a greater efficiency. Craig is also a skilled project manager, having worked closely with outside contractors for quality assurance and safe work practices. Craig has a proven track record of bringing projects in on time and under budget.

Prior to joining the CES team Craig was responsible for major equipment repairs, including welding, millwright, hydraulics and electrical work. He has designed, built and maintained automated machinery. He is an expert with tooling, repairs, and modification to equipment. 

George Albers


Randy Dixon

Utility Submittal Energy Engineer

Before joining Compressor Energy Services as Utility Submittal Energy Engineer, Randy had gained 30+ years’ experience in the electric utility industry. 


His background includes Industrial/Commercial Customer Account Executive, designing demand-side management programs, and implementing energy efficiency incentive programs. Randy has also worked in various manufacturing industries: designing reusable shipping contains and cushioning systems, performing HVAC design and implementation, and design/manufacture/installation of renewable energy systems.

Andre L. Narbonne, PE, CEM

Consultant / US Department of Energy AIRMaster+ Specialist

Andre has 25+ years of experience supporting clients’ critical industrial equipment needs. He has worked in sales and sales management roles for leading compressor, vacuum pump, and semiconductor gas companies, as well as with energy analysis and management.


In his role with Compressor Energy Services, Andre supports and maintains the company’s high-standard analytical capabilities, while engaging with clients to analyze, develop, and execute projects that meet their functional and financial goals.

Ross Orr

Systems Engineer / US Dept of Energy AIRMaster+ Specialist / Compressed Air Challenge Instructor / CAGI Compressed Air Systems Specialist

Ross is a Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) instructor and AirMaster+ Qualified. For over 25 years, he worked with one of the nation’s leading air compressor distributors as sales manager. His role within Compressor Energy Services is multi-faceted: sales professional, project manager, and consultant in the field of energy efficient compressed air system design and installation.


Ross has experience relating to all types (rotary, reciprocating, centrifugal) and sizes of compressed air systems, vacuum systems, process cooling systems, and energy management strategies, as well as complete system design and installation. 

Adam Hudziec

Data Analyst

Adam has 15 years of cross-disciplinary experience and collaboration in civil engineering, architecture, environmental science, and real estate law. As a data analyst for Compressor Energy Services, he has relevant skills in data visualization, developing models, reporting, high-level knowledge of statistics, and quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Adam holds a bachelor arts degree in Geography from the University of Southern Maine and an associate of science degree in Spatial Information Technology from White Mountain Community College. Prior to coming to CES, Adam had worked throughout New England developing geographic data and building mapping models.