Jeffrey Wright

Compressed Air
Efficiency Specialist

Jeff started Compressor Energy Services in 2002. His dynamic management style, coupled with 30 years of experience and pioneering energy solutions for compressed air systems, make him one of the nation’s top compressor professionals. He continually develops leading compressor technologies and services to support customers by driving down energy costs and reducing demand while increasing efficiencies.


Jeff is a second-generation compressor expert whose passion for exceeding his customers’ expectations has been instilled throughout the company’s culture. He holds a BA in International Studies from the School of International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Devon Wright

Compressed Air
Efficiency Specialist

Devon was born into the compressed air business, as a third-generation contributor to Compressor Energy Services. He focuses on the identification, design, and implementation of compressed air efficiency projects. In his 10 years as Compressed Air Specialist, Devon has worked with a wide array of manufacturers and facilities, installing anything from small oil-free high-pressure systems to multi-thousand horsepower heavy industrial systems. With a unique depth of knowledge across varying compressor manufacturers’ offerings, Devon excels at selecting and designing solutions for maximum efficiency.  


When Devon is not on the road or in a facility, you will find him on his hobby farm or in the mountains as a competitive telemark skier. 



Department of Energy AIRMaster+ Specialist
Compressed Air Challenge Instructor
CAGI Certified Compressed Air System Specialist 


Ross is a Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) instructor and AirMaster+ Qualified. For over 25 years, he worked with one of the nation’s leading air compressor distributors as sales manager. His role within Compressor Energy Services is multi-faceted: sales professional, project manager, and consultant in the field of energy efficient compressed air system design and installation.


Ross has experience relating to all types (rotary, reciprocating, centrifugal) and sizes of compressed air systems, vacuum systems, process cooling systems, and energy management strategies, as well as complete system design and installation.