Ongoing Services

Service Features

  • Remote monitoring

  • Persistent commissioning

  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)

  • Master Service Agreements (MSA)

  • Compressed air system analytics

  • Compressed air management services

  • Periodic reporting

  • Savings measurement and verification

  • Operations and maintenance savings identification

  • Core process diagnostics

  • Facilitate carbon reduction strategies

Ongoing Services

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Persistent Commissioning

CES provides retro-commissioning (RCx) and metering based commissioning (MBx) services for compressed air systems. Our commissioning team, led by world-class professionals, brings a deep understanding and passion for both cutting-edge sustainable compressed air technologies and reliable, proven efficient design and application.

In addition to extensive knowledge of compressed air systems, CES provides all the analytical data, metrics, and documentation. This includes commissioning plans, owners project requirements, commissioning specs, and so forth. We will coordinate and assist with training to ensure that all compressed air systems operate at optimum efficiency.

Measurement & Verification (M&V)

We verify key data collected on typical program application or rebate forms, including information on the baseline compressor system. This typically includes:

  • Number of shifts per day, shift-hours per week, weekend hours per week, and estimated total operating hours per year
  • Average air demand (SCFM) for each shift.
  • Baseline equipment use pre- and post-retrofit (lead, trim, or backup compressor).
  • Baseline compressor system type (reciprocating, screw oil-less/oil-flooded, two-stage, centrifugal, vane, etc.).
  • Baseline compressor system control type (load/no load, inlet modulating, other).
  • Baseline compressor system operating pressure (psig) at rated SCFM.
  • Manufacturer, model number, system type, control method, nominal horsepower, rated SCFM, operating pressure at rated SCFM, and installation date for the new energy efficient air compressor.

Master Service Agreements (MSAs)

CES partners with several Fortune 500 companies by making use of our Master Services Agreements (MSAs). It is an effective vehicle that allows CES to partner with our customers closely, meeting their compressed air needs on an ongoing basis.


Our MSA combines technical needs, NGO standards, organization-specific requirements, and other customer directives. As partners, we set and meet all expectations.

Our enterprise customers are located throughout the country. While based in New Hampshire, our reach spans from New England to California. We manage a wide variety of multi-facility accounts, regardless of their locations.

Compressed Air Management Services

Over time, compressed air leaks can become a significant source of energy waste. They can also lead to other operating loses such as a reduction of system pressure, which can ultimately reduce production efficiencies.


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 25% of compressed air is lost to leaks.

The CES team provides comprehensive compressed air management services that include leak detection as well as correcting inappropriate uses of compressed air for your facility.

Facilitate Carbon Reduction Strategies

CES will help you reduce your environmental impact and meet your sustainability goals this year. Compressed air is often called the fourth utility for facilities that use compressed air, after electricity, water, and gas. However, compressed air systems are rarely highlighted in corporate sustainability planning as it relates to reducing their carbon footprint.

CES develops and undertakes custom strategies that may include heat/energy recovery, managing air at peak demand times, leak remediation, pressure reduction initiatives, control optimization, and system reconfiguration. 

Ongoing Services

Connect with our sales professionals to get an estimate for your project.

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