Our Services

  • Steam Assessment Services

    Steam Assessment Services CES has brought together top steam industry professionals to serve our customers with the same quality and customer satisfaction as our compressed

  • AIr Analytics

    AIrAnalytics™ quickly identifies and saves your business money in near real time using monitoring-based commissioning. The AIrAnalytics™ web-enabled dashboard provides actionable insight and sustainability—powered by

  • Utility Energy Services

    Utility Company Energy Services Compressor Energy Services has been a close partner with Utility companies in New England for over 10 years, and has also

  • Compressed Air Assessment Services

    CES is uniquely positioned to assess a compressed air system through power, pressure, and flow monitoring and analytics. Our customers benefit by reducing energy usage

  • Design Services

    When it comes to designing compressed air systems, CES is second-to-none. We are sought after by industry and engineering professionals alike. The CES team of

  • Implementation

    CES provides complete turn-key compressed air installations. From simple swap-outs to existing system reconfiguration, to complete redesign of piping systems, our dedicated and professional team

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Company Overview
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