Compressed Air Assessment Services

CES is uniquely positioned to assess a compressed air system through power, pressure, and flow monitoring and analytics. Our customers benefit by reducing energy usage and optimizing maintenance operations. These advances bring about ongoing savings, resulting in a fast return on investment. 


Our qualified professionals have conducted over 1,000 compressed air system audits and inspections using the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) guidelines and/or ASHRAE guidelines.

Service Features

  • Pressure, flow, and power monitoring and analytics

  • Supply side optimization study

  • Air Quality Testing

  • System Audits & Inspections

  • Leak detection

  • Demand side study

  • Point-of-use metering

  • Pressure Study

  • Dew Point Study

Air Quality Testing

CES conducts air quality testing for compressed air systems mainly for industrial and manufacturing environments. Our partners are an A2LA accredited laboratory specializing in the analysis of compressed air and gas used in manufacturing, breathing air and medical facilities.


Our team is HAACP Certified and available to assist you in all your air quality testing needs. We can accommodate Compressed Air & Gas Testing Specifications like ISO 8573, NFPA 99, OSHA, CGA, CSA and application of SQF in your facilities.

The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) cites ten contaminants that need to be removed or minimized from typical compressed air used for manufacturing. These contaminants fall into four general categories:

  • Particles (from pipe scale, wear particles and atmospheric dirt) 
  • Water (liquid, vapor, and aerosol)
  • Oil (liquid, vapor, and aerosol)
  • Microorganisms

System Audits & Inspections

Our audit and inspection services are tailored to meet our customer requirements, whether they are scheduled on a regular basis or on an as-needed basis. 

All aspects of compressed air systems are thoroughly inspected and audited, including:

  • From critical pressure applications, piping flow requirements, energy storage to evaluating performance and operating condition of existing supply and demand side.
  • We will assist your efforts by developing your compressed air future requirements as well as initiating best-operating practices.
  • CES’ audits may also include air quality testing and machine learning metering services

Point-of-Use Metering

Compressor Energy Services introduces the latest in machine learning to compressed air systems. We’ve designed a leading-edge metering service for your compressed air supply and demand-side.


CES identifies system inefficiencies anomalies and helps identify energy efficiency measures. We are able to remotely diagnose and continuously analyze dynamic trends and irregularities, thereby maintaining peak design efficiencies.

CES embraces Industry 4.0, a key to future-proofing customers’ investments and operations. Once a compressed air system is installed, CES can continuously gather operating data and use its machine learning simulation tools to evaluate whether maximum efficiency is being achieved.

Assessment Services

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Company Overview
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