Design Services

When it comes to designing compressed air systems, CES is second-to-none. We are sought after by industry and engineering professionals alike. The CES team of system design specialists have solved the most complex issues in today’s manufacturing environments.


CES is 100% agnostic to all compressed air products. We work with distributors, end-user customers, and utilities alike. CES designs systems from start to finish, troubleshoots existing conditions, and determines future concerns that may arise from current design limitations.  

Service Features

  • Investment grade design drawings and scope of work

  • Commissioning Services

  • Energy Modeling

  • Consulting & Engineering Services

  • Writing specifications

  • Heat recovery

  • Process integration

  • Utility submittals

  • Vendor RFP solicitation and selection

  • Execution planning

Design Services

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Commissioning Services

CES provides retro-commissioning (RCx) and metering based commissioning (MBx) services for compressed air systems. Our commissioning team, led by world-class professionals, brings a deep understanding and passion for both cutting-edge sustainable compressed air technologies and reliable, proven efficient design and application.

In addition to extensive knowledge of compressed air systems, CES provides all the analytical data, metrics, and documentation. This includes commissioning plans, owners project requirements, commissioning specs, and so forth. We will coordinate and assist with training to ensure that all compressed air systems operate at optimum efficiency.

Energy Modeling

CES models air compressor energy usage to determine energy savings in compressed air systems from air-use reduction strategies, machine sequencing and control, and other changes. We measure power signatures and other compressor parameters as inputs to calculate various performance metrics to estimate energy savings.

Metrics for creating relationships between compressor power consumption and air output can in turn be applied to your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Additional relationships for modeling compressor power as a function of system pressure and flow for modeling the change in system efficiency is also built for accurate energy modeling, enabling our customers to take actionable next steps.

Consulting & Engineering Services

CES provides engineering services and expertise to companies in need of a specialized skill set directly related to compressed air systems.


Our consulting professionals work with customers to define solutions or to help determine and recommend the best course of action for a given initiative. CES’s engineering consulting services can save time, effort, and money for companies that do not have the time specialized compressed air knowledge or expertise for handling a specific task.

CES’s comprehensive range of engineering services for compressed air systems is a value-added capability. Our staff offers customers complete product-development specific services to help identify problems with existing systems. When design or performance problems are identified, CES can efficiently and effectively recommend practical solutions to improve energy efficiency while optimizing system performance.

Writing Specifications

Our team of experts works with customers to write compressed air technical specifications, from developing and understanding realistic expectations, needs, and requirements to proper planning for dissemination in a variety of ways.

Writing specifications will include functional, technical information, workflows, and diagrams as needed, user and environmental constraints and limitations, safety and reliability, as well as optimal performance metrics.

Design Services

Connect with our sales professionals to get an estimate for your project.

Company Overview
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