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Compressor Energy Services has been a close partner with Utility companies in New England for over 10 years, and has also worked with Utility programs across the country in 20+ other states. The company has grown with a focus on providing program savings through compressed air related projects and has performed hundreds of utility sponsored assessments and other technical services. 


With the ability to take a project from conception through implementation and commissioning CES has proven to be a highly reliable source of kWh savings for the programs and has a variety of services to support the savings goals in a multitude of ways.

Industry Data Points

  • $810M - $3.2B potential efficiency savings in U.S. markets

  • 90 Billion kWh in U.S. are consumed by compressed air systems annually.

  • $5.4 Billion annual electrical costs

  • 75% of a typical compressed air systems lifecycle cost is Energy

Source: David Booth, CAGI System Assessment Section Member, September 17, 2018

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CES works with utility partners in major markets across the United States and internationally to maximize utility incentives for clients.


As the Technical Service Provider for many local utilities, we garner incentives for your projects that typically cover 30-50% of installed costs and can lead to a positive ROI in under three years.

“To begin fixing nonproductive demand, you first need to measure it. The Department of Energy states that 50 percent of compressed air goes to nonproductive uses. But, by actually measuring air-flow, CES has found the figure is closer to two-thirds of compressed air produced is nonproductive.”

Facility Energy Assessments: CES conducts ASHRAE Level I, II, and III energy audits and walkthroughs to measure energy use and opportunities for improvement. Our qualified professionals have conducted over 1,000 compressed air system audits and inspections using the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) guidelines and/or ASHRAE guidelines. CES has developed a suite of tools and a process to ensure we develop recommendations that are viable, implementable, and have high confidence of savings.


Energy Design Assistance: When it comes to designing compressed air systems, CES is second-to-none. We are sought after by industry and engineering professionals alike. The CES team of system design specialists have solved the most complex issues in today’s manufacturing environments. CES has designed systems with an emphasis on energy efficiency and long term reliability for systems from 100-10,000 CFM.


Measurement & Verification: With the use of our metering equipment, CES can provide power, pressure, and flow of the system before and after system modifications. This enables savings analysis with high confidence and ensure project goals and savings have been realized.

Persistent Commissioning: CES provides retro-commissioning (RCx) and metering based commissioning (MBx) services for compressed air systems. CES’s AIrAnalytics™ uses monitor-based commissioning that utilizes monitoring software to identify efficiencies and take corrective action in an appropriate timeframe to ensure system efficiency is maximized. 


Turnkey Program Design & Implementation: With decades of experience working with hundreds of facilities CES has a deep understanding of the industrial compressed air market. As subject matter experts, CES has partnered with utilities across the country to provide input on program efficacy, prescriptive measures, and has assisted in the development of the next generation utility programs to leverage the latest innovations and market trends. 


Energy Modeling: CES has developed system modeling tools that allow us to accurately project energy consumption of compressor systems based on a given load profile. This allows us to provide calculations for utility reviews, and also provide energy feedback on multiple system designs to ensure energy is considered in the purchasing process. When 85%+ of the compressed air system life cycle cost is energy, CES believes this is a critical service.


Energy can constitute over 75% of the 10-year total cost of ownership of compressed air systems. CES specializes in putting energy savings at the forefront of the purchasing decision.


CES provides all compressed air system engineering, design, and installation of compressed air solutions or can partner with your preferred vendor(s) for system optimization.


CES is a conduit for corporate purchasing contracts with major compressor manufacturers and offers a transparent, no-haggle buying process.

Data Measurement & Analytics

Our AIrAnalytics™ automated monitoring system offers a state-of-the-art dashboard so your team can see in real-time your compressed air system’s efficiency. Unlike many other players in the market, CES AIrAnalytics™ actually uses your compressor system data to make real-time decisions that optimize functionality and reliability.

We have been fortunate to work with some very talented consultants like Jeff Wright from Compressor Energy Services. We work well with local utilities and capitalize on their incentive programs. We have received over $100,000 in incentives from the New Hampshire and Massachusetts utilities for our compressed air projects over the past two years.

Paul Lukitsch

Regional Facilities & Energy Manager, Millipore Corporation