Steam Assessment Services

CES has brought together top steam industry professionals to serve our customers with the same quality and customer satisfaction as our compressed air services. And, as always, we will secure maximum utility incentives!

Steam Services Benefits

  • Decrease fuel consumption

  • Reduce failures, spot repairs

  • Greater production efficiency

  • Improve safety & reliability

  • Extend the life of your system

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Turnkey Steam Trap Surveys and Repairs

The CES Steam Services team has over 40 years’ experience in diagnostic testing and design/specification of steam traps, leak testing that includes nitrogen and inert gas systems and related equipment in a wide diversity of market sectors.

Steam Trap Testing
  • We determine the operational status of traps, using ultrasound and temperature differentials.
  • Diagnose root cause failure or near failure
  • Valve status and condition
  • Detailed evaluation of steam trap performance
Steam Distribution System Assessments
  • Faulty steam traps
  • Missing or inadequate insulation
  • Optimizing distribution pressure
  • Replacing PRV(s) with back pressure turbine(s)
  • Eliminating steam and/or condensate leaks
  • Recover and use flash steam
  • Return condensate
  • Vent condensers
  • Other proven conservation methods
Steam System Audits
  • Meet sustainability targets
  • Improve system performance
  • Reduce system failure
  • Achieve system reliability
Steam Utilization Surveys
  • Optimizing utilization pressure
  • Adding or upgrading controls
  • Modifying process set points
  • Flash steam recovery and reuse
  • Other proven conservation methods
Utility Incentives
  • To better serve our customers, CES will procure all steam utility incentives.


Customer Training

We provide training for all our customers!

Testing steam trap performance
Selection and application of steam traps
Steam trap repair and maintenance
Steam energy conservation methods
Troubleshooting a steam system
Principles and use of ultrasonic technology